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That's how we work

In the heart of Vicenza is located our artisanal shop which proudly reports over a hundred years of experience and treats with the best care and valuation the local materials, also known best as Vicenza’s stone.


Segato e Trevelin was born in the 60’ from Antonio Milani company’s ashes. It started to shine out of its own light after some collaboration with well-known and praised contemporary artists such as Bertacco, Dragani, Barbaro and Paladino.


For 20 years we have been collaborating with Eurocultura to train young European stone-carvers.


A modern and equipped laboratory has been established for 15 years to supplement the preexisting one, located in Vicenza. In that way we could satisfy even better every customer’s need.


Our masterpieces are spread all around the World, copies and original versions.

statue lavorazione pietra di vicenza
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